1. Confidentiality & Privacy
    2. Comfortable Stay
    3. Communication and Information
    4. A Clean and Safe Environment
    5. Liaisoning with Health Insurer
    6. Cost of Treatment
    7. Protection of Privacy
    8. Access the Medical Records
    9. Transfers to other Health Care Provider
    10. Help during Discharge
    11. Complaint Handling
    12. Research Projects
    13. Provide correct & complete medical information.
    14. Polite Behaviour.
    15. Bring all the necessary things like ornaments, money or valuable things on admission time.
    16. Keep maintaining the silence.
    17. Don’t spit here and there.
    18. Co-Operate with all hospital staff.
    19. Given the valuable feedback.
    20. Don’t smoke and don’t take the alcohol in the Hospital Premises.
    21. Maintain the visiting Time.