Rules, Regulations and Syllabus for First Professional MBBS Course of West Bengal University of Health Sciences

  1. The period of study for the first Professional MBBS course will consist of two semesters, each of six months duration. The first semester will ordinarily commence in the month of August, and the second semester, in the month of February next year. The first Professional MBBS Examination will be held at the end of the 2nd semester.
  2. There shall be two University examinations in a year-one regular and one supplementary first professional MBBS Examination. The regular First Professional Examination will be completed and the results published within mid-September of each year. The Supplementary examination will be held ordinarily not earlier than six (6) weeks, but not later than six months, after the publication of the results of the regular examination.
  3. Eligibility Criteria of the students for appearing in the 1st Professional MBBS examination- An undergraduate medical student who has fulfilled the following conditions may be admitted to the first professional MBBS Examination of this University.

         (a) That he/She has compulsorily attended a regular course of study for the prescribed period in a college of Medicine affiliated to  this University. A minimum of 75% attendance in all the subjects is compulsory (including attendance in non-lecture classes like demonstration, practical, tutorial, seminar, group discussion etc.). The attendance has to be certified by the Principal/Director of the affiliated institution. There is no provision of condonation of shortage of attendance (due to any cause whatsoever), or of appearance as non-collegiate candidate under any circumstances, whatsoever.

        (b) Students not being allowed to sit for the regular examination due to shortage of attendance may be permitted to attend special class to make good the shortage in attendance to enable such candidates to appear in the supplementary examination, if they already possess an attendance of 60% of above. No such proposal of making good shortage in attendance before next supplementary examination will, however, be entertained for permission to sit for the same regular examination. Candidates having attendance of less than 60% will have to start the classes afresh for the next regular examination of next batch.

       (c) For being admitted to the regular of supplementary examination, each candidate shall send his/her application in the prescribed form to the Controller of Examination along with the fee as will be prescribed by the University from time of time. The applications forwarded by the Head of the Institution of the affiliated college shall have to reach the University at least 3 weeks before the commencement of the University examination. The examination fee of any regular/supplementary examination shall not be refunded or carried forward in cases of failure or non-appearance of a candidate in the particular regular / supplementary examination.

       (d) That he has fulfilled the criteria as laid down in Para 7 below

   4. Candidates appearing for the regular 1st Professional MBBS examination shall appear in theory, oral and practical examination in the examination center

  5. I. A student, in order to be eligible to sit for the University examination, must secure at least 35% of the marks fixed for internal assessment in all the three subjects separately. Internal assessment marks of a student in one or more failed subjects in the University examination shall remain to his/her credit for consideration in the subsequent University examination in that subject. However, if a student fails to pass in both the regular and the supplementary examinations of First Prof. M.B.B.S. course, on the basis of his/her prayer, the candidate may be allowed to reappear in the periodical assessment examinations along with the next batch of students. Permission for reappearing in the periodical assessment examination will be issued by the Principal/Director of the affiliated institution. Once allowed to reappear in the periodical assessment examinations along with the next batch of students the corresponding earlier marks of the candidate will be cancelled. Marks computed on the basis of continuous assessment and the new periodical assessment examinations of the candidate shall be final for the next regular and supplementary examination of that particular professional course. If a student fails to pass in both the regular and the supplementary examinations of 1st Prof M.B.B.S. course he or she will not be allowed to join the classes of Second Professional examination until he/she passes all subjects of First Professional examination.

    II. Students being disallowed to sit for the regular 1st professional examination due to failure in obtaining 35% marks in the internal assessment in a subject shall be permitted by the Principal/Director of the affiliated institution to attend special classes and another internal assessment examination shall be arranged before the next supplementary University examination to give them opportunity to acquire eligibility to sit for the supplementary examination.

    III. A candidate will be allowed to appear at the regular or supplementary examination on payment of prescribed examination fee after the Principal/Director of the concerned Medical College and the Controller of Examinations are satisfied in respect of his/her eligibility to sit for the examination.


6. MBBS (First Professional) Examination

(a) Theory papers of each subject for 1st Professional MBBS examination will be prepared by a set of examiners and moderated by a Moderator. Theory question will be of short structured essay type, short notes and clinical problem-oriented. The examination will generally be completed in the shortest possible time avoiding unnecessary gaps.

(b) Full marks in each of the three subjects (Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry) of the First Professional MBBS Examination : 200. The break-up of the marks in each of the subjects is as follows :

Written (50 x 2 papers) = 100 marks

Oral/Viva = 20 marks Practical = 40 marks

Internal Assessment = 40 marks

(Theory 20+Practical 20) Full marks = 200 marks